Redaelli Ricambi since 1962

Founded in 1962 at Oggiono as a production plant for steering parts, Redaelli Ricambi experienced rapid growth from the very beginning, in terms of both productivity and size.

Today Redaelli Ricambi is an important reference for those who operate in the field of Steering and Suspension Parts for Automobiles and Tractors.

The company offers the market hundreds of Steering and Suspension products, from the simple tie rod end to complicated control arms, guaranteeing total reliability.

In 1993 it opened its Teramo plant and after expanding the Oggiono plant in 2005 Redaelli Ricambi nowboasts a totalof 14,000 of production facilities making it one ofthe leading companiesin the sector for its ability to combine productivity and innovation.

In its plants in Oggiono and Teramo, all sectors of the company apply the most advanced production and control techniques that are the basis of a system which complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standards, to guarantee the maximum quality level of products and services.

In collaboration with some of the most prestigious auto-makers and producers offarm machinery, the company engages in long-standing relationships with many of the most important companies operating in aftermarket distribution, the proof of the acknowledged reliability and quality of Redaelli Ricambi products.


Operations/Production plant in
Oggiono (LC), 40 Km from Milan


Production plant in Sant'Omero (TE),
30 Km from Teramo


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